Questions & Responses

We thought it would be helpful to post up our responses to the most frequently asked questions posed by local residents over the past few months.

1. The proposed development contains too many flats

National planning policy prioritises the redevelopment of brownfield sites to provide much needed homes. The availability of these sites in sustainable locations is limited and therefore, planning policy encourages the effective us of these sites. This can be achieved through high quality design, ensuring that there are no unacceptable impacts on surrounding areas.

The scheme has been designed in consultation with planning officers at the London Borough of Ealing. The scheme will regenerate a currently vacant and unattractive site in a prominent position on the A40. The proposed development has been rigorously tested to assess the effects on daylight and sunlight, trees, noise, air pollution and transport.

2. The proposed development is not in context with surrounding area/heights. We would rather the development was outside of London on greenfield land.

National planning policy protects greenfield and Green Belt sites and states that these should only be used for housing in exceptional circumstances. Well located brownfield sites, such as this one on Western Avenue, should be utilised in preference to greenfield sites.

The proposed development is in line with current planning policies which focuses new homes towards previously developed brownfield land in sustainable locations near public transport. Previous forms of development were built at a lower height and density and used a lot more land and relied on occupants using private cars for transport. We are building to new heights to ensure that we are meeting the requirements for new housing in the area and in a way that is sustainable for the future.

3. The area is already overcrowded and overpopulated

London has an acute shortage of homes. Ealing has an annual target to deliver an additional 1297 homes per year to meet the need.

The Draft London Plan proposes that this annual figure should rise to 2,807 homes per annum. This new target represents a 116% increase on the Borough’s existing London Plan target. The London Plan recognises that the new home targets are challenging and suggests that the delivery rate of new homes on large and small sites is doubled to assist in achieving the increased figures.

Vacant brownfield sites in sustainable urban locations are the areas where the needed growth should be directed.

4. We are concerned that GP and school services oversubscribed

The Council is able to plan for community infrastructure in line with their requirement for new homes and a S106 payment towards health or education may be required.

5. High rise attracts crime

A2Dominion is confident that medium rise and tall buildings can be successful when well designed for both the safety and wellbeing of the residents. The proposal for Western Avenue has 28 homes in entrance core A and 29 homes in core B. The low number of homes accessed from each entrance will help to create a greater sense of community and belonging to the area.

The proposal for Western Avenue will meet building regulation requirements for security including videophone entrance controls.

6. The design should reflect Perivale’s 1930s heritage

There are various architectural periods, styles and scales within the Perivale area, which are not in a designated conservation area. The proposed building would make appropriate design references to the existing built environment and would ensure that the distinctiveness of the area is promoted, as encouraged by the National Planning Policy Framework. The building’s design has been carefully considered to work with current building methods and technologies.

The design approach takes references in terms of scale, siting, materials and the architectural approach of the existing built from within the area and the development precedents along the A40 Western Avenue.

7. The 5 disabled parking spaces are not enough

It is acknowledged that the scheme provides a low level of parking, but this is due to the site’s location close to local amenities and public transport. The site is close to bus routes and is less than 10 minutes’ walk from Perivale tube station and South Greenford rail station (to enable a short journey to connections at West Ealing).

Key local facilities including a primary school, leisure centre and food superstore - all of which area accessible by foot within 15 minutes or 5 minutes by cycle. 75% of the residents of Perivale work in locations that are accessible within a reasonable walk or cycle, or via a direct Underground or rail journey, or via a single change in Zone 1 or West Ealing. There are therefore wide opportunities to travel for those without access to a car.

Future residents will be aware of the low level of parking provision and that they will not be entitled to an on-site parking space (unless they hold a blue badge) and will make an informed decision on this basis.

Planning policy is geared towards persuading people to switch from private cars to public transport in order to try and reduce traffic. The draft New London Plan target is for 80% of all journeys to be made by sustainable modes including public transport. One of the best ways of achieving this is to limit parking provision and one the best opportunities to persuade people to alter this aspect of their lifestyle is when they move home.

The development will be supported by a Travel Plan which will help residents make informed choices about their transport options. This will be monitored in conjunction with the local authority for a number of years after the building is occupied.

We are aware that Enterprise Car Club operate in the area and we will look into opportunities to increase the level of provision and uptake of this service.

8. Occupants will park on surrounding roads. Perivale Lane has issues from people parking to use Central Line and on football matchdays (for Hanwell Town). And extra parking on Perivale Lane will impact on St Mary’s Church which holds evening concerts, especially as many visitors are elderly.

This is a low car development and occupants will be made aware of this. Residents will not be entitled to any form of parking permit from the Council which would allow them to park any motor vehicle within a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ), if one was to be implemented. This is secured through a Legal Agreement which is a part of the planning permission (a Section 106 Agreement).

Due to the site’s convenient access to the Perivale London Underground Station and the links to central London that are available from the station, we are aware that there may be an existing parking problem on local streets arising from commuters and local events.

A2Dominion would support the implementation of a CPZ on Perivale Lane, for which future residents of the development will be prohibited from applying for permits. Any CPZ will take into account all legitimate local uses of parking in the area and provide appropriate times for the parking restrictions.

9. The development will result in increased traffic and associated pollution and/or noise.

The development proposes a low level of parking and will actively encourage residents to use public transport and cycling, rather than generating an increase in traffic.

10. The central line and local buses are too busy already

The Central line and local buses can be busy at peak times, but they are not at capacity. Whilst the scale of the development will not result in a significant change in passenger numbers, the opening of Crossrail/Elizabeth Line later in 2019 will both reduce current passenger levels on the Central Line, whilst also providing an alternative route to central London from the site (via a 10 minute walk to Greenford station and then an 8 minute train ride to West Ealing).

11. There is not enough turning space on site for delivery trucks

Deliveries will use the existing loading bay on Central Parade

12. We would like more play/ green space for residents of development

Each home on the development will have access to a communal garden on the first floor and each property will have a private balcony. Western Avenue is close to green spaces including Perivale Park, Pitshanger Park and Ealing Central Sports Ground.

13. The occupants will have poor air quality due to pollution from the A40

Modern buildings are well designed with consideration to local conditions such as noise and air quality. High specification windows and mechanical ventilation will be used to reduce these impacts and protect the occupants.

The impacts of traffic emissions from local roads on the air quality for future residents have been assessed at a number of locations within the new development itself.

In the case of nitrogen dioxide, a sensitivity test has also been carried out which considers the potential under-performance of emissions control technology on future diesel cars and vans. The combined effects of local traffic on the air quality for residents living in the proposed development have been shown to be acceptable at all locations assessed, with concentrations being below the air quality objectives.

14. The cycle route is along the A40 and this is polluted

There are many alternative routes that do not require cyclists to cycle alongside the A40.

15. Existing properties will be overlooked and residents will lose their privacy. In particular the balconies on 6 storey element which look toward Perivale Lodge and the west facing balconies which look towards Wicket Lane.

With regard to privacy and outlook, the proposal has been designed to ensure adequate separation distances between any facing habitable room windows. This is 42m which is double the 21m set out in planning guidance. Where possible balconies are located away from the southern boundary.

Where flats face each other across the communal space on the podium, the windows have been offset to ensure that bedrooms in one flat do not look directly into bedrooms or living spaces of another.

The balconies on the 6 storey building have been relocated to face away from the nearest residential neighbours. We have also reduced window sizes on this elevation.

16. We are concerned about fire safety of the building and the site boundary with the petrol station

The design has been developed with consultation and input from a fire safety expert. The proposed building at Western Avenue will be designed and constructed to meet all current Building Regulations requirements, including appropriate fire rated materials to the external walls, mitigating the risk of the type of uncontrolled fire spread seen in the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Additionally, the proposed building will be fitted with an automatic fire sprinkler system to all apartments, further enhancing the level of safety achieved over and above that required by Building Regulations.

Petrol filling stations are, commonly found in built up areas and close to residential properties. The neighbouring buildings and uses have also been considered within the design, particularly those concerning the adjacent fuel station, and the proposed building will meet all Building Regulations requirements relating to resistance to fire spread both to and from neighbouring buildings and sites.

17. What is the affordable housing proposed? Who will be eligible?

The proposal includes 35% affordable housing which will include a mix of shared ownership and affordable rented apartments. However A2Dominion are one of the Greater London Authority’s Strategic Partners and are looking to increase this proportion of affordable homes. Affordable rented properties will be available to individuals on the London Borough of Ealing housing waiting list and shared ownership properties will be available to those who meet the affordability criteria.

18. The developer is just after a quick profit

A2Dominion is a residential property group with 38,000 homes across London and southern England, and thousands more in the development pipeline.

The Group provides affordable, private and social rented homes, student, NHS and temporary accommodation, as well as supported housing and homes for older people. It also offers high-quality sustainable homes for sale and shared ownership, available through its FABRICA by A2Dominion brand.

Whilst the Group takes a commercial approach to housebuilding, all of its profits are used for a social purpose, with millions of pounds reinvested into delivering more new homes and better services for customers.

A2Dominion will manage the properties once the building is complete, our long term interest in the buildings we develop and the residents that will occupy them is reflected in the design and quality.

19. Why is consultation so short/ not 21 days?

This is a community consultation to collect opinion prior to the submission of the application and not the statutory notice period. There will be an opportunity to provide comments to the local authority once the application has been submitted.

We have also met with local residents groups in January/February 2019 and a drop in exhibition on 25th September 2019 was held to provide an update to these residents and to give an opportunity to talk through the final submission scheme.

20. How do I object?

If you do wish to make a representation to the council this opportunity will be available to you when the application has been submitted. The local council will notify neighbours of development proposals by the display of a site notice near the site – these are often affixed to lamp posts. You will have 21 days from the start of the consultation period to provide your comments. Further guidance from the London Borough of Ealing on how to comment on planning applications can be found at:

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